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by Jennifer Alice

In the course of my work with sound and voice I have developed a special technique - or rather remembered it, since it came so naturally. Getting into a meditative state, I am able to tune into the frequency of a person and let my voice channel their very own Soul Melody. Every Melody is unique to it's owner, there are no two of the same kind.

Listening to this very special sound can bring body, mind and soul back to balance. The deep frequencies cause intense vibrations on a cellular level and can bring feelings and emotions to the surface which were deeply stored within the body, releasing them and thus restoring it to its natural state of equilibrium.

Jennifer Alice meditating and singing a mantra
Your Soul Melody is calling you if ...
  • You want to get in touch with suppressed feelings, release emotion or trauma from your body

  • You are in need of a reset, a recalibration

  • You want to receive guidance from your inner voice, the voice of your soul

  • You want to feel more grounded, connected to yourself, your purpose, the real nature of your being

  • You're dealing with a specific difficulty or problem in life

How to order

Order via e-mail: 

Or just click on the "order now" button. 

The message should include 2-3 sentences concerning your current situation, your motivation or a picture of you (this makes it easier for me to tune into you frequency). 

You will receive details and payment information in my reply e-mail.

Costs: 360,00 €

After having received your payment, I will start working on your Soul Melody. Please note that, depending on how many requests I have at the time, it may take me up to 4 weeks. You will receive your Melody in MP3 (or WAV upon request) via e-mail.

“It felt so overwhelmingly beautiful. I was deeply impressed by the many voices and polyphony. I am only just beginning to grasp the effects of it.”

Regine B.

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