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intuitive singer and voice healer Jennifer Alice singing


My ambition is to inspire as many people as possible to lead an awakened life full of joy and intensity. I create music which is born from the present moment and it is that which I want to transport.  To bring the listener into the Present, into the Now, is one of my many motivations for making music - as I myself have always been (and still am) struggling with staying in the present moment, especially in the fast pace of our modern world.

My aim is to create music which takes the listener on a journey within, pulls them up into higher spheres or brings them into a state of meditativeness and trance. I love improvising and letting my voice play. I have learnt that intuitive singing can be very liberating as it brings emotions (of the singer and listener alike) to the surface.

I am experimenting with many different music genres, ranging from ambient to new-age, folk/world music, mantras or film music.

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